First Aid at Work

What is the first aid at work?

First aid at work is set of skills training, regarding to incidents or accidents in the workplace.

Is the first aid at work a separated training program?

First aid at work training is a separated approved training program which covers all the possible emergencies that could happened in a workplace.

Which is the content included in a first aid at work training course?

During the first aid at work training program, candidates will be familiarized with life threatening emergencies such as a cardiac arrest, a heart attack, a stroke and others, while also with no life threatening emergencies like common injuries and illnesses.

As a company we are not able to spend lots of hours for our employee’s training. What we could do for this?

Rescue Training International workplace first aid programs are divided into two different flexible courses: the «RTI First Aid at Work – 18hours» and the «RTI Emergency First Aid at Work – 6hours». As a result, the employer could choose any of the above to suit most to the company’s needs.

Why to choose the RTI First Aid at work program instead of others that I have seen that you offer?

First Aid at Work courses meet the European standards for the health and safety in the workplaces throughout European Union. Any E.U. member has the obligation to evaluate potential programs through a local authority and to approve them as appropriate for their purpose. By that, a First Aid at Work certificate is recognized in E.U. as already evaluated for its content.

Is mandatory the first aid at work training?

According to European, American, Canadian, South African, and Australian health and safety standards, any employer has the obligation to offer first aid training to his employees.

Is the first aid at work certificate which I will receive approved by any local authority?

Yes, it is approved by the Cyprus Department of Labor Inspection – Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance, while also it is recognized by the Federation of First Aid Training Organizations and the First Aid Industry Body of England.

Is the first aid at work training program combinable with other courses , such as the Automated External Defibrillator?

All Rescue Training International first aid courses are flexible and combinable. This can be happened with additional training hours. By the end of a combined course the candidate will receive separated certificates.

May I enroll in an RTI first aid at work training course as an individual?

Of course! Once the FAW content concerns the first aid providing, any one Interested in offering his help to a lay person could participate and receive the certificate.

As a registered company, can I receive any granting for the employee’s training?

Sure! Any country has its own funds sources, in order to cover some or the entire amount regarding to the human resources development.